Pierce Brosnan to unleash the best singing voice in the game in Cinderella 1 year ago

Pierce Brosnan to unleash the best singing voice in the game in Cinderella

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Those dulcet Navan tones are coming back.

Pierce Brosnan. Great James Bond or greatest James Bond?


Sure, his run in the famous tux ended in one of the best bad movies of all time in the form of Die Another Day, but Brosnan was always an assured and charismatic 007.

The talents don't stop there, of course. Who could forget the man's vocal turns in the Mamma Mia! movies?

Just in case you require a refresh:

Clip via MagicMovieMan1

One-of-a-kind stuff, we're sure you'll agree.

Good news for those who are partial; Brosnan has officially signed on the dotted line for a musical take on classic fairytale Cinderella.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Navan man will join the likes of Camila Cabello (who is stepping into the shoes of the title role), Billy Porter and Idina Menzel.

James Corden is credited with the original idea for the film and will also serve as a producer on the Sony project.

Brosnan is set to play the father of Prince Robert, which will hopefully give him ample opportunity to belt out a few numbers.

He's also on board for Netflix's Will Ferrell-fronted take on the Eurovision Song Contest in which he will portray "the most handsome man in Iceland" so there's plenty of music-themed madness to look forward to from the man in the near future.

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