Podge and Rodge reboot cancelled after one season 1 year ago

Podge and Rodge reboot cancelled after one season

Pour one out for the lads.

Podge and Rodge are back in their box once again.

The gruesome twosome enjoyed a resurgence last year alongside broadcaster and influencer Doireann Garrihy but the RTÉ show won't be returning for a second bite.

The reboot was more of a variety show that featured sketches, interviews and various Irish bands entering in questionable covers over the end credits.

Reviews weren't terribly kind, and the whole thing felt fairly rote and confused from the get-go.

The official Podge and Rodge Twitter account addressed newspaper reports on Sunday, confirming that the show is done and dusted.

"Tis true! The Podge and Rodge Show will not be returning," began the statement.

"However, it was the craic making our brief inglorious comeback.

"Thanks to yis all for tuning in, to the crew, and of course the mighty Doireann Garrihy who is always welcome in Ballydung, once she give's us a good month's notice."

Sunrise, sunset...