The most popular theory about The Matrix Resurrections is absolutely wild 1 week ago

The most popular theory about The Matrix Resurrections is absolutely wild

We only have a few months to wait to find out whether it is accurate or not!

When the very first teaser for the very first Matrix movie dropped in 1999, it got the early-days Internet all abuzz with speculation, as it told us at the time "We can not explain the Matrix. You have to see it for yourself."


And so the very same thing has happened this last week with the arrival of the first proper look at The Matrix Resurrections, with social media simultaneously losing their minds with hints and possibilities.

The trailer dropped a few days ago, and in case you missed it, we were very excited by it!

And if you haven't watched it yet, or want to watch it again, here it is:

Clip via Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

There are plenty of theories and rumours doing the rounds on the internet right now, including but not limited to (and all of which contain either spoilers for the original trilogy, or potential spoilers for the new movie if people have guessed correctly) Young Morpheus Is Not To Be Trusted, Trinity Is Still Very Much Dead and Zion Was Always Inside The Matrix.

However, the one we want to talk about is wilder and potentially more interesting that all of those combined.


Okay, ready? Here we go.

Keanu Reeves is in The Matrix.

No, not his character Thomas Anderson, but Keanu himself is in the Matrix.

Or maybe it is Thomas Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, who is an actor and/or director in The Matrix, making a movie about The Matrix.

Because what would be a better way to counter worries that you're in The Matrix than making a movie about The Matrix??


The theorising was kicked off by this image in the trailer...

... where it looks like there is a screening of The Matrix in some kind of auditorium. It is in the trailer for only a second, but 1999's movie The Matrix appears to be playing out on a big screen, and someone has ripped a whole in the screen and made a run for it through the door behind it.

Then there is this line from Jonathan Groff's character, who we all thought was another therapist like Neil Patrick Harris appears to be playing, but looking around his office, could actually be playing Keanu's agent...


Groff could be pitching Keanu a sequel to The Matrix trilogy, which would explain why Keanu looks like real-life Keanu, and not the sleek, shaven John Anderson we know from the previous Matrix movies.

However, Keanu is beginning to have trouble separating his own real life (which looks a lot more colourful and less green-tinted than The Matrix world did back in the day) from The Matrix movie he's making, which leads to the therapy sessions, which eventually leads to Keanu discovering that he really is in The Matrix!

And it would follow on nicely from a line from the very first Matrix movie, when a character wanted out of the real world and be put back into mechanical subjugation, with a high-profile career within the artificial reality...


It would further explain why Trinity/Carrie-Anne Moss doesn't quite recognise him, and why the character of Morpheus has been recast with a younger actor (Yahya-Abdul Mateen II).

Or we're all way off and there is something else entirely at play.

We'll know more when The Matrix Resurrections arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 22 December.