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31st Jul 2015

Props from the hit show Mad Men are being auctioned off

Time to channel your inner-Don Draper


Going once…

The period TV show Mad Men finished up last year much to the dismay of its fans, but all is not lost for followers of the drama as you can now purchase items from the set at Screenbid.

All items come with a certificate of authenticity from Lionsgate Entertainment to make sure you know what you are getting.

There are nearly 1,400 items up for auction ranging from suits worn by Don Draper, to ashtrays and pyjamas worn or used by the characters.

television animated GIF

Also up for sale is a dressing gown, Madras shorts, jeans, button down shirts, love beads and a short leather trench coat.

What else could you want?

mad men animated GIF

Hat-tip to The Guardian

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