A new RTÉ show is looking for single people whose parents will help them get a date 4 months ago

A new RTÉ show is looking for single people whose parents will help them get a date

If you're sick of all the online dating apps, why not go back to the old school and let your parents sort out your love life?

As a kid, your mammy could sort out almost every problem you had.

It was the ultimate trick to pull when your back was against the wall. The only get out of jail free card you ever needed.

But as you grown up, you've probably learned that it doesn't exactly hold the same weight when you're no longer a child.

Some things just can't be solved by your parents. Like your love life, right? WRONG.

A brand new RTÉ 2 show will take young adults who are absolutely sick of the modern dating world, and go back to basics with them.

By back to basics, we mean that their parents will completely interject in their love lives and try to fix the whole thing for them.

Pulling with my Parents (a working title for now, but we absolutely love it) will let parents decide how their sons and daughters go about their love life.

Your Tinder profile will get a complete makeover by your mam and dad, and it will hopefully get your dating life right back on track.

Parents will also completely take over their online presence, revamping pictures and profiles to line them up a date. They’ll also have some ‘old school’ solutions to their kids dating disasters from the world before apps.

Do you know anyone who would fit the bill? Is it you and your parents?

If so, you can send an application explaining why you're right for the show to the e-mail address 'dating@alleycats.tv'.

Here's a quick video further explaining the concept behind what we imagine will be a huge hit:

ON THE PULL from Alleycats Films on Vimeo.