Oh, boy! Quantum Leap is officially getting the reboot treatment 5 months ago

Oh, boy! Quantum Leap is officially getting the reboot treatment

One leap closer to reality...

Originally airing from 1989 to 1993, it is kind of shocking that Quantum Leap hasn't already been given the remake treatment.


It told the story of physicist Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula), a man who travels back through time, temporarily replacing other people in history in an attempt to correct mistakes in the timeline.

He is assisted by Admiral Al Calavicci (the late, great Dean Stockwell), who appears to him as a hologram, along with Ziggy, a portable A.I. device with a bit of an ego.

While the show didn't do extremely well during its initial run, it did amass a big following when syndicated in the years following - it was shown on BBC Two and Sky One in Ireland all the way up to 1999.

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And in even more good news, Deadline has confirmed that NBC has given a pilot order to a reboot, essentially meaning they'll check out that first episode before deciding whether to move forward with the full season.

The new version is being written and exec-produced by the duo behind La Brea, another big sci-fi show that is currently one of NBC's biggest hits (it has not yet been picked up for distribution in Ireland), with the story picking up 30 years after Dr Beckett disappeared forever, so a new group of scientists attempt to restart the project in the hopes of understanding the time-travel machine and the man who helped create it.

If the show is given the full season order, the chances are we'll see it debut before 2022 ends, but the real challenge will be creating an opening credits sequence and theme better than this:


Clip via Time Travel Nexus