The Big Reviewski #30 is the only review of The Meg you'll ever need 4 years ago

The Big Reviewski #30 is the only review of The Meg you'll ever need

Greetings film fans!

Welcome to Episode 30 of The Big Reviewski, the show from JOE and Her that, this week, is once again celebrating a VERY important anniversary…


*predictably jumps out of a massive cake, Under Siege-style for the second time in a few weeks*

It's Paul's birthday! But unlike his old (in all senses of the word) friends Eoghan and Rory, he's just turned a youthful and vibrant 17 years old.*

None of that is really important though because, just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the cinema, The Meg has arrived! And so has the definitive review of the film, as well as our chat with Adrian De Wet (what a name!), the The Meg's Visual Effects Supervisor.

Plus there's a review of Unfriended: Dark Web along with some angry birds and a double helping of industrial-strength horse tranquilliser thrown in for good measure.


Don't ask, just listen...



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False director digs,

Lester’s wannabe lover,

Parisian pen.

*Documents show that Paul may or may not be closer to 76 years of age.