WATCH: New clip from Rick & Morty is a complete and total mind-f*ck 4 years ago

WATCH: New clip from Rick & Morty is a complete and total mind-f*ck

Caution: this is liable to crack your brain into bits.

With Season 3 of everyone's favourite animated show right now (sorry, Adventure Time and Archer and South Park and all the rest, but these are the facts) kicking off at the end of the month, the peeps behind the show are just showing off now with this new clip.


Titled "Exquisite Corpse", which is a method in which different artists come in and add to a sequence, either by following a pre-set rule, or by nothing more than the end of what came before.

And so it is with this example, which sees Morty drop a vial of blue liquid and sets the duo off on a trip (ahem) through the multiverse, and stopping off at some very recognisable visual references along the way.

We'll list the ones we recognised below the clip, and if there's more that you spotted, do let us know...

Clip via Adult Swim

Okay, so we got Adventure Time, Jack Nicholson's The Joker from the first Batman movie, Steamboat Willie, China IL, James Kerr, Schrodinger's Cat, The Twilight Zone, and at 1.27 they're actually walking ON the legendary Mr. PoopyButthole.

Obviously there is A LOT more to this, and we're not even sure if it is from an episode, or just a bit of fun in the lead up to the new season, like when they crossed paths with a facehugger in the lead-up to the cinematic release of Alien; Covenant a few months back.


We don't care, all we know is that we want MORE.

In the mean-time, why not get reacquainted with these ten lesser know Rick & Morty characters we'd love to see comeback for Season 3, which will be airing on Adult Swim from 30 July, and we shouldn't have to wait too long after that to get it on this side of the Atlantic.