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29th Jan 2024

Room To Improve viewers completely baffled after final cost revealed

Simon Kelly

Room to Improve

“That’s got to be a record!”

Room to Improve viewers were in complete shock at last night’s episode after the final cost was revealed on the RTÉ show.

Sunday night’s episode was the last in the series and it certainly went out with a bang in terms of the budget.

Dermot Bannon visited Dubliner Ann Brannigan and her husband David, who were looking to do up the home where Ann’s mother grew up in Santry.

Room To Improve viewers completely in shock after final cost revealed

Ann had bought the Santry home from her grandfather 25 years ago and the property held major sentimental value for the family.

However, despite a healthy budget of €400,000 for the fix up, by the end of the episode Dermot was struggling to hold it together, as the family were asking for a heap of changes that would undoubtedly spill over the final amount.

The couple attempted put their faith in Dermot to turn it around and build a lovely home for their son Desmond to grow up in.

However, multiple times throughout the episode, their faith was tested, as they couldn’t make up their mind over elements of the garden and kitchen, leading to a lot of flip-flopping on the budget.

Dermot eventually won them over by the end of the episode, nearly bringing David to tears, who said “He’s not an architect, he’s an artist.”

However the budget was completely smashed, raising from the original €400k to around €628k.

Viewers were left flabbergasted at the final budget, but all agreed that the house looked incredible.

One person commented, “What’s the budget? €400k. Ah right, so the cost is goin to be. €600k. ‘Grand let’s do it’ Ah lads gway like”.

Another said, “400k budget, 700k spent. That’s got to be a record!”

A third added, “628k excluding garden room and extensive landscaping. Where do I randomly locate an extra 300k on my budget?”


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