The Rubberbandits asked the Irish public about their sexual fantasies and it's important TV 4 years ago

The Rubberbandits asked the Irish public about their sexual fantasies and it's important TV

It's grand...

As we mentioned previously, The Rubberbandits' latest guide to sex was always going to be must-watch TV as Blindboy Boatclub did his very best to help Mr Chrome get over his sexual hang-ups.


What exactly did they do?

Well, it involved a bad case of St Antony's throat and a quest to retrieve James Joyce's vial of sperm from a bastard magpie. More about that later because the most important segment was left for the final few minutes.

On a more serious note, Blindboy Boatclub has rightfully been earning plaudits for his timely reminder on The Late Late Show about how Irish men need to embrace feminism.

In a segment that featured on last night's show, The 'Bandits urged the Irish people to "fuck repression, embrace perversion, but make sure there's consent". In doing so, you might find yourself "conkers deep in hoop".

Harnessing this spirit of sexual liberation, the duo then asked the Irish public to tell them about their sexual fantasies. Here's a brief insight into the kinky habits of the people who were interviewed.

Getting pissed on like R.Kelly. Sex on a mountain. Being lathered in butter before having it licked off. Riding their best friend's mother. Joining the mile high club. Fingers in the bum. Having sex at Anfield.

Nothing was off limits and it's all grand. Here's why.



As they've consistently done throughout their careers as comedians gas cuntists, the duo managed to juxtapose an important message while making us laugh and it all had to do with the issue of consent.

Do you know what. Here's their take on...

Looners - those people that are sexually aroused by balloons. That's grand.

Gerontophilia - the sexual attraction to elderly people. That's grand.


Mecanofilia - people that are sexually aroused by machines. That's grand.

What's not grand is when a man starts to rub a lady's back on the bus without consent. In the words of Mr Chrome and Blindboy, this is called 'toucherism'. There's no consent here and this is actually a crime.

This might be an obvious message, but it's an important one.

Plenty of people were happy that the topic of consent was raised.



You can enjoy it all here.