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26th Jul 2018

Ryan Reynolds is bringing a reimagining of Home Alone to the cinema, titled Stoned Alone

Rory Cashin

Yep, we are 100% on board for this.

Released back in 1990 (yes, you’re old), Home Alone cost just $18 million to produce, and made over $476 million at the box office, so to say it was a bit of megahit is an understatement – it made more that year than Pretty Woman, Die Hard 2 or Total Recall.

One big sequel and a few lesser sequels followed, and quite frankly we’re shocked that nobody has tried to remake it yet… although they would need to explain how the airport mixed up the tickets so badly that they didn’t notice they were down a passenger on board.

Deadline are reporting that while Ryan Reynolds isn’t steaming ahead with a production of an exact remake, it does seem to be taking some of the best bits and making it just for adults.

Stoned Alone will centre around a mid-20’s stoner who completely misses his flight and ends up staying… well, home alone. However, all the drugs have made him more than a tad paranoid, and he begins to believe that his home is being broken into.

The thing is, mid-hallucination, a group of burglars do actually try to break into this home, and the stoner is having a hard time separating this reality from his drug-fuelled revenge-fantasy.

Reynolds is currently just on producing duties, with the film set to be directed by relative newcomer Augustine Frizzell, and the script is being delivered by the guys behind the latest Netflix teen-com The Package, which you can watch the trailer for right here:

Clip via Netflix

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