QUESTION: What is the sexiest movie ever made? 5 years ago

QUESTION: What is the sexiest movie ever made?

The first person to mention a porno is the least funny person you know.

With the latest edition of the Mr. and Mrs. Grey movie - aka Fifty Shades Freed - heading into the cinemas in the last week, we had to have a little think over what the sexiest movie ever was.


Ask somebody this question will almost definitely result in a wide variety of different answers, which is exactly what happened with Eoghan, Laura, Paul and Rory chatted about the topic on this week's episode of The Big Reviewski.

The first two movies in the Fifty Shades trilogy made a billion dollars combined at the global box office, so there is clearly a hunger for sexy movies out there.

Over the course of the conversation, everything from The Thomas Crown Affair, Body Heat, Showgirls, American Beauty, Out Of Sight and, eh, Hot Shots (as well as, double-eh, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs?) gets mentioned.


The Big Reviewski movie buffs chat about the sexiest movies of all time from 02:15 to 05:59 in the link above, but do let us know what you think the sexiest movie of all time is in the comments!