One of the "Scariest Movies Ever Made" is almost here 10 months ago

One of the "Scariest Movies Ever Made" is almost here

The trailer alone absolutely freaked us out.

Instead of telling you immediately what Skinamarink is about, we're going to show you some of the early reviews:


Collider - "The uniting fear Skinamarink creates ensures it will be remembered as an unparalleled achievement in horror cinema in how it paints a portrait of oblivion that beckons us into dark recesses from which there is no escape."

Rolling Stone - "Skinamarink isn’t scary because of what it depicts. It’s scary because it already knows that our imagination will do half of the work."

A.V. Club - "It was clear that Skinamarink might be worthy of inclusion on the list of Scariest Movies Ever Made."

Here is the absolutely spine-tingling trailer:


Even the movie's official synopsis sounds like the opening of a stuck-in-your-brain-forever ghost story:

"Two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished."

The feature debut of writer/director Kyle Edward Ball, the movie was filmed on a budget of only $15,000, and for the majority of the runtime, features just two characters: 4-year-old Kevin (Lucas Paul) and 6-year-old Kaylee (Dali Rose Tetreault).


While this horror movie will absolutely not be for everyone - pretty much every review, even the glowing ones, mention that it feels "experimental" and has a very slow-burn pace - it will be an absolute must-watch for fans of unique scares.

Skinamarink arrives in U.S. cinemas on Friday, 13 January. Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed for a release date in cinemas in Ireland or the UK just yet, but it has been confirmed to arrive on horror streaming service Shudder (which is available in Ireland and the UK) later in 2023.