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28th Sep 2021

Squid Game is on track to become Netflix’s most popular show ever

Kieran Galpin

Have you watched it yet?

In just four days since its initial release, the Korean thriller Squid Game has secured itself a number one spot as the platform’s most popular show and is very much on track to become the most popular Netflix show ever.

Squid Game, which documents a group of people risking their lives in a survival game, hit Netflix earlier this month and has since taken the world by storm. Now, the show is set to break records, according to Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

Speaking at the Code conference in Los Angeles on Monday (27 September), Sarandos said: “Squid Game will definitely be our biggest non-English language show in the world, for sure,” and has “a very good chance it’s going to be our biggest show ever”.

Netflix measures the popularity of their shows by measuring how many people watch the title for at least two minutes in its first 28 days. Squid Game was only released on 17 September and so it has not yet reached the full 28-day cap.

Currently at the top spot is Bridgerton, which was released late last year.

With the first series having proven so popular, there is already talk of a second season potentially coming down the tracks.

Commenting on the possibility, writer and director Dong-Hyuk Hwang told Variety: “If I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I’d consider using a writers’ room and would want multiple experienced directors.”

Reviews have been pouring in since the show’s release, with many calling it a modern masterpiece.

“It’s a strange, violent, disturbing adventure, and if that sounds like something you’d like, I can’t recommend Squid Game enough,” wrote Forbes’ Paul Tassi.

Den of Geek’s Kayti Burt wrote: “Squid Game doesn’t offer an escape from the horrors of the real world; within its limitations as a fictional drama, it gives us something far rarer: an affirmation that they exist, and that we’re not alone in finding them nightmarish.”

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