Stars go to town on Bruce Willis for Comedy Central Roast 4 years ago

Stars go to town on Bruce Willis for Comedy Central Roast

Perhaps the only time that it has ever been safe to make fun of Bruce Willis...

Sunday night saw Comedy Central host their latest roast. This time the victim was Hollywood action hero Bruce Willis, who followed in the footsteps of James Franco, Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, and of course, Donald Trump.


Willis was roasted by several other major Hollywood figures, including Edward Norton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, his ex-wife Demi Moore, and comparative nobodies like Jeff Ross (sorry, I'm just trying to get in on the roasting).

Willis might not have even been the biggest victim of the night, with JoGoLev absolutely slaying Norton for being dropped by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and being replaced by Mark Ruffalo.

Also on the dais was former basketball star-turned-friend-of-Donald-Trump-and-Kim-Jong-un Dennis Rodman... And well, you can see how that went for yourself.


But, as is right, the last laugh went to the star of the show: "People ask me why I did this roast. Was it because one of the last guys who did it became president? Hell no. Why would I wanna be president when I can just keep being Bruce fuckin' Willis?"


"I did this to settle something once and for all... Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It's a goddamn Bruce Willis movie."