There was a very strong reaction to a crime documentary hailed as Ireland's Making A Murderer 2 years ago

There was a very strong reaction to a crime documentary hailed as Ireland's Making A Murderer

The first episode of the documentary series will be repeated soon.

While platforms like Netflix and HBO have become global behemoths in the documentary market, it's easy to overlook the wonderful films that Irish filmmakers have been producing.


On that note, we've consistently championed the likes of No Stone UnturnedI,Dolours, A Mother Brings Her Son to be Shot, Making the Grade, and countess other features.

Finné is the latest home-grown documentary series commissioned by TG4 and it's first episode aired on Wednesday night.

Filmed over 12 months by Galway’s Magamedia and presented by RTÉ’s courts correspondent, Orla O’Donnell, Finné (the Irish for 'Witness') revisits gross miscarriages of justice that have taken place in Ireland in the recent past.

Over the course of the series, viewers will be taken as far back as 1971, and then as recently as 2015; amongst the episodes to feature will be Gail O’Rourke re-telling how she was charged with the assisted suicide of her best friend Bernadette Ford in 2015.

The show will also include other controversial episodes in Irish history, such as Peter Mulryan's recounting of his upbringing in the Tuam mother and baby home and his subsequent quest to find his mother, which led him to Galway’s Magdalene laundry.

The first of the eight-episode series aired on Wednesday night and it provoked a very strong reaction from those that tuned in to watch it.

As for the episode, it revolved around Martin Conmey revisiting his wrongful conviction for the manslaughter of Una Lynskey and the subsequent fight to clear his name.


If you missed this particular episode of Finné, it's repeated again on TG4 on Monday at 23:50.