Succession's shocking twist was teased in its own poster months ago 5 months ago

Succession's shocking twist was teased in its own poster months ago

Nothing good ever comes from a wedding episode.

Major spoilers ahead for Succession season 4, episode 3.


This week's episode of Succession, titled Connor's Wedding, contained one of the biggest moments in the series' history so far.

Unfortunately, Logan Roy has said "f*ck off" for the last time as the Roy family patriarch died of heart failure somewhere over the Atlantic ocean on his way to strike a deal with Lukas Matsson.

While it may not be one of the most shocking moments in TV history - we all knew Logan Roy would probably die at some point, given the name of the show - it did happen at a very surprising moment in the season, taking a lot of viewers by surprise.

However, if anyone was watching closely, a major hint to Logan's fate was actually out in the open way before this season even started - hidden in plane (sorry) sight on the season four promotional poster.


Succession season 4 promo poster (Courtesy of HBO)

Upon the poster's release, there were conspiracies abound - Who each character is looking at, how they're dressed, where they're positioned. But the real clue was the plane jetting off above them unnoticed by the cast, indicating where Logan would end up dying.

It's really one of those "you won't know until you know" kind of clues, which Sarah Snook - who plays Shiv - told Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago on his talk show. "There is a thing that once the season begins airing, it may get related back to this moment." Oh, Sarah, you sneaky divil.


With the big secret out after just three episodes of the final season, could there be more hints in the poster? We can already hear the collective typing of internet conspiracists as they give their hot takes. You won't hear it from us though. But why does Greg look so shifty in that poster?

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