Jack Black on the biggest reason actors do animated movies 7 months ago

Jack Black on the biggest reason actors do animated movies

He voices Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie which has already proved to be a box office hit.

Speaking to JOE about his role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Jack Black opened up about the reason why actors like to do animated films.


Black voices the video game adaptation's antagonist Bowser, who hunts down Mario (Chris Pratt) and his brother Luigi (Charlie Day), while hoping to marry the kingdom's Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy).

Released just last week, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has already been a box office hit and ahead of its release, JOE got to interview some of its cast, including Black.

Praising him for his delivery of a particularly funny line in the film, we asked the actor if he knows when he is recording voicework for animated movies which lines are going to resonate with audiences.

In response, he told us:


"That is the goal and when you're in the recording session for a movie like Super Mario Bros. and you hit it out of the park and you feel like: 'Oh, that's a funny line,' you get a little rush.

"That's the reason we do what we do, that dopamine rush from nailing it, from feeling like 'Oh, that's a funny line, that's going to make it into the movie'.

"I get a little buzz off of that that lasts for days, so thank you. Very high compliment indeed."

You can watch that full interview with Jack Black here:

During JOE's chat with Black, he also talked about a Dublin concert with his band Tenacious D that was one of their best ever.


On top of this, we spoke to Charlie Day and Chris Pratt about their roles in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, as well about the video game adaptation's links to The Princess Bride and Irish holiday tips.

You can watch that other interview right here:

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