Charlie Day gives Chris Pratt some excellent Irish holiday tips 8 months ago

Charlie Day gives Chris Pratt some excellent Irish holiday tips

This was when JOE spoke to the pair about The Super Mario Bros. Movie, in which they voice Luigi and Mario.

In an interview with JOE for the video game adaptation The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Charlie Day provided his co-star Chris Pratt with some great Irish holiday recommendations.


Pratt voices Mario while Day voices Luigi in the upcoming animated film which will focus on the characters and their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Given Day's relationship with Ireland - after all, his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia character helps run the Irish dive bar Paddy's Pub - and the news he will be visiting Dublin again soon with The Always Sunny Podcast, JOE asked the actor if he had any recommendations to give to Pratt for must-go places to visit on the island of Ireland.

He replied:

"I think the most important thing is go to Dublin. Go down to Cork. I think it's good to go up to Northern Ireland.

"Chris is a golfer, as am I. So, I say go hit that Royal Portrush [in Antrim], a pretty amazing course, a pretty beautiful part of the country.

"I think you got to try and get on Royal County Down [Golf Club], if you can. I've actually not been there but I'm dying to play it.

"Honestly, just driving around the countryside and just seeing the green hills and stone walls, that's a big part of the charm. Or let someone drive you because they're driving on the wrong side of the road there, let me tell ya.

"And have a Guinness while you're there."


You can watch that full interview with Charlie Day and Chris Pratt right here:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released in Irish cinemas on 5 April.

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