How To Get A Movie Made In Ireland 10 months ago

How To Get A Movie Made In Ireland

If you've ever wanted to see your idea for a movie become a reality, this is the best way to go about it in Ireland.

If you've ever had the daydream, or even more specifically, the actual desire to write a screenplay and have it made into a movie, then you're probably very aware of the romantic version of how that happens, thanks to movies and TV shows coming out of Hollywood. If they are to be believed, then all it takes is for you to write up your script and get it in the hands of the right producer, and hey presto, you're a millionaire.


Of course, real life isn't quite like that, and Ireland isn't quite like Hollywood. Despite the fact that Irish film and TV is arguably stronger than it has ever been, it can seem very daunting to anyone who isn't fully versed on what the first step should be.

When given the opportunity to ask someone who would know the answer, we jumped at the opportunity. Sharon O'Hara, the communications executive for Screen Ireland, told us the following:

"There are many pathways to take. The first thing I always think is looking at the talent academies and engaging with them. There are tonnes of different courses available, which I think is really important.

"And then there is the funding elements, such as for short films, which is a great way to cut your teeth with a lower budget. Then there is the Spotlight for writers, which can really help, and then there is development funding. There is that support to help get your script to the next level.


"And then I think having a producer partner is helpful, pitching out and getting into meetings and networking at festivals. There are lots of points in the year for networking, the festivals being some of the biggest ones; the Galway Fleadh, the Dublin Film Festival, the Cork Film Festival. But the talent academies are great, there have been a number of virtual events where they are trying to engage with new audiences because they want to bring more people into the industry.

"Definitely, I think, between the training and the networking and then applying for funding, I think that is quite important. And coming to meet as many people as you can is very important, it can help you build up your knowledge and your expertise in the industry."

More information on Screen Ireland's funding programmes can be found here, and on their skills programmes here.

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