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13th Mar 2014

Taken 3 is ‘taken’ shape as more stars confirmed for the sequel


The pieces for Taken 3 are all falling into place

Lovely lady of Lost and perpetually kidnapped star of the two previous Taken flicks Maggie Grace (we mean her character gets kidnapped a lot, not her in real life) is reported to be confirmed for the third and final edition of the Taken Trilogy along with Liam Neeson, so this movie looks like it’s definitely happening.

Given that his daughter was taken in the first one, and then they took his daughter and his wife in the second one, we’re not sure what he’s got left to take…? Perhaps his best mate or his collection of stamps? Or maybe HE’S the one who gets taken this time. We think we just blew our own minds, man.

Anyway, according to the lovely Maggie Grace is confirmed along with Neeson (who will pocket a cool $20 million apparently), and there have been talks with Forest Whitaker to get him involved too, so the cast looks as though it may be strong. In case you’ve forgotten what Maggie Grace looks like, allow us to help jog your memory:

maggie grace


Neeson has been using the tried and tested formula of him kicking ass and taking names in a few of his other flicks and it seems to be working well. What about Non-Stop though?

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