Game of Thrones returning character could have a massive impact on House Stark 1 year ago

Game of Thrones returning character could have a massive impact on House Stark

Could be a cool throwback to the very first episode in Game of Thrones.

Like the smack of a war hammer to the head, spoilers are coming.

He's ashore. After all those years at sea, Gendry is finally on dry land and Game of Thrones fans couldn't be any happier.

We're delighted to say that the reappearance of Robert Baratheon's bastard isn't some gratuitous cameo - although we did love Ser Davos' very meta joke - because Gendry is already proving his worth.

Despite the fact that Clovis the weaponsmith can't keep a secret around his new best friend, Jon Snow, we've offered a theory as to why Gendry could prove to be a crucial character as the war develops.

As stated previously, his mentor, Tobho Mott, was the man that Tywin Lannsiter instructed to melt down Ned Stark’s sword, “Ice” in order to make two new swords, “Oathkeeper” and “Widow’s Wail."

By this logic, it's entirely conceivable that Gendry knows how to weaponise dragon glass and forge Valyrian steel.

Aside from this, he has also joined Jon Snow's 'suicide squad' as he attempts to capture a wight beyond the Wall. That's some return!

Moving away from matters of conflict, war and weapons, we all know that Gendry has spent a fair amount of time travelling around Westeros with Hot Pie and Arya. In fact, Arya had a fairly noticeable crush on Robert Baratheon's bastard when they were travelling with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

As you can see below, during the scene when Gendry is about to commit his future to the Brotherhood and join their ranks, Arya interjects by saying "I can be your family," to which Gendry says "you wouldn't be my family, you would be my lady."

Clip via - monikita86

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Dempsie was happy to speak about the potential relationship with Arya. "Yeah, I think it's implied in the books that there might be a romantic element to the relationship, and in the books I think the characters are significantly closer in age," he said.

He adds: "As a result of the difference in age, I think one of the roles Gendry played in Arya's story was as him being an older guy who sort of awakens certain feelings in Arya for the first time as she's becoming a young woman. There's that scene in season two where I'm forging a sword - fairly inexplicably without a shirt on - and I think the idea was to convey the idea of Arya experiencing feelings she's never felt before. Everyone's had that at some point. Whether that means Gendry has a place in Arya's heart or vice versa, I have no idea."

Cast your mind back to the very first episode in Game of Thrones. King Robert Baratheon expresses his wish to have his son (Joffrey) marry Ned’s daughter (Sansa).

"We were meant to rule together. If your sister had lived, we would have been bound by blood. It's not too late, I have a son, you have a daughter. We'll join our houses," he said.

Could Gendry (Robert's son) marry Arya and finally unite the houses of Baratheon and Stark? It's not impossible to imagine.

This being said,we're going to dampen any wedding talk with four points.

1) Why does The Hound have Gendry's weapon in next week's episode? 

2) This awkward dilemma when it comes to Gendry's relationship with Jon Snow.

3) People genuinely thought Sansa was going to marry Dickon Tarly at one point. Yeah, good luck with that!

4) This is Game of Thrones.

Love doesn't win. Then again...