The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 114 3 months ago

The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 114

"The first rule of Quiz Club is... you do not talk about Quiz Club."

Welcome to The Big Reviewski Movie Quiz on JOE.


Round 1 will, as ever, be the Movie General Knowledge round and if ANYONE has an issue with that, you can shove it up your hoop politely take it up with the relevant authorities.

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The amazing performance of a young Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine earned her an Oscar nomination and now, 15 years later, she's starring in Stillwater alongside Dalkey native, Matt DamonRound 2 will be on movies featuring brilliant performances by teeny tiny talented kids.

And there's been no shortage of stories about the questionable activities of a few politicians this week, and so Round 3 is all about movies featuring politicians involved in some questionable activities of their own...

On your movies... get set... GO!

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