The legendary Samuel L. Jackson wants a role in Peaky Blinders 6 years ago

The legendary Samuel L. Jackson wants a role in Peaky Blinders

"I've had it with these motherfu**ing Russians in motherfu**ing Birmingham!"

Given the fact that Samuel L. Jackson is an acting icon whose films have grossed about £174,297,206,127,000,146 (that's just counting the films in the Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone), we're fairly certain that he has enough talent and clout to get a meeting with most producers and directors.


As you may know, Jackson has a strong bond with the city of Liverpool after filming The 51st State there and he's hoping to return to Merseyside and star in the upcoming episodes of Peaky Blinders.

While Steven Knight's gangster epic revolves around the Shelby family in 1919 Birmingham, the show is actually currently filming Season 4 in Liverpool.

Over the years, we've seen Jackson play a host of gangsters, criminals and heroes in films like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and most recently in Kong: Skull Island, but he's angling for a role in Peaky Blinders.


Speaking with The Daily Star Sunday, he said: "I want to do some British TV. I’d love to be in Peaky Blinders. That’s a great show. I love British humour. I’ve always loved Monty Python, Little Britain, all that stuff. If you ask most Americans about British comedy they’ll go, ‘Ah yeah, Benny Hill’s hilarious’. That’s their definition of British humour.”

Truth be told, the streets of Birmingham need more bad-ass motherf**kers.

Dear Steven Knight, please make this happen.