The look of the Irish Part 2 - Fashion, Irish style 8 years ago

The look of the Irish Part 2 - Fashion, Irish style

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Damo & Ivor’s brand new television show, JOE takes a look at some unique fashion favourites! We’re a long way from the catwalks of Milan and Paris, but there are some clothing choices you'll only see in Ireland.

Irish sunburn suntan


You can’t pack this luxury item before heading away on holiday but it’s an obligatory part of any Irish person’s trip abroad. It is, of course, the Irish tan. And more specifically, the farmer tan.

Wear it with pride people:


Check shirts


It’s Friday night. Males all across Ireland open their wardrobes to pick an outfit for the night. And what a choice it is – check shirt, check shirt or check shirt?

You’re right. The check shirt (middle one of course) always wins out.

All you need to do now is spray half a can of Lynx Java over the top of it and you’re ready for the night of your life... at a wannabe Lumberjack’s convention in Coppers.



Non-prescription thick-rimmed glasses

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a hipster trend sweeping the country. In fact, if you were a true hipster, you probably noticed this trend happening waaaay before anyone else did.

Part of that look is the now obligatory inclusion of non-prescription, black, thick-rimmed glasses; an accessory that every other Irish man, woman and child appear to be wearing.

JOE’s advice – go to your local cinema and pick up a pair of 3D glasses for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the price.


You won’t see jack shit but at least you’ll look cool.


Skinny Jeans

In keeping with the hipster trend mentioned above, one other unfortunate item of clothing that has taken (a very firm) hold of the youth of the Irish nation is the pair of skinny jeans.


There’s no need people.

We did previously point out that bootcut jeans are still a popular choice and, as critical as we were about those, they’re still a damn sight better than looking like this:

And last but not least, it’s the... Well,  there’s actually no real name for this particular outfit but it’s one that we Irish are all undoubtedly  familiar with.

Walk into any wedding in any part of the country and you’ll spot him – it’s the local, older man wearing a Ronan Keating flat cap, shirt that’s too small, the top button (maybe two) is wide open, the short tie has an absolutely HUGE knot and he’s got a completely red face... most likely due to hidden hip flask of whiskey in his pocket.


RTE Two logo

For more insights into Irish style, sort of, check out the new series of Damo and Ivor, which starts on MondaySeptember 16 at 10.00pm on RTÉ Two.

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