The Simpsons-Futurama crossover episode is set to air in November 9 years ago

The Simpsons-Futurama crossover episode is set to air in November

Matt Groening fans rejoice! The Simpsons will be doing a crossover episode with the Futurama gang later in the year and it’s set to air in the US in November.

How do we know this glorious nugget of cartoon wisdom? Well, speaking at the Fox Comedy panel at the Television Critics Association summer press tour yesterday, The Simpsons writer and producer Al Jean was asked whether or not a Simpsons-Futurama crossover would happen.


His response: “We are definitely doing one.

“We recorded it with the full Futurama cast. It’s going to air in November. And, then, our premiere on September 28th features the episode where we kill off a character, which turned into a much bigger deal than we expected. So I hope you know, it’s not going to be this blood bath where they all just, like, get murdered.”

There’s speculation that the soon-to-be-axed character will be Krusty the Clown, although there has been no official word yet, but just in case, JOE has decided to pick out some of our favourite Krusty moments. Check them out here…

This isn't the only crossover episode the Simpsons family will be embarking on this year, as it was already announced that the Simpsons and The Griffins from Family Guy would be sharing the screen in the not to distant future. You can find out more about that over here.


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