The Simpsons has been renewed for its 26th season 9 years ago

The Simpsons has been renewed for its 26th season

It looks like we won't be saying goodbye to the Simpson family any time soon

We're all aware that the quality of episodes of The Simpsons has dropped in the last while, but that hasn't stopped the folks at Fox from offering it yet another run, as the show has been renewed for a 26th season.


The news makes the show the longest running animated series on TV in America, as well as the longest running sitcom, but it has still been performing well in the ratings, as the premiere of season 25 last Sunday was the top ranked entertainment show on TV, according to Variety, and was an improvement on the previous season's ratings.

It's believed that the big news about them killing off a character may well be pushed into the 26th season after the news was announced last night.

The show also announced a deal to syndicate the show to other channels in the US, which is going to make them a whole pile of money even bigger than the last pile they had. JOE reached out to Matt Groening for comment, and he had this to say: