The final trailer for The Witcher promises many battles 2 years ago

The final trailer for The Witcher promises many battles

Hey, this thing might be good...

Friday 20 December is a pivotal day in the world of television - and streaming platforms that host TV shows - as we get to see how much of a public interest there is for swords-and-sorcery fantasy in a post-Game of Thrones landscape.


You may recall that GoT ended on questionable - dare we say really bad - terms.

Still, there would appear to be plenty of interest in the genre what with both The Witcher and Amazon's Lord of the Rings on the horizon.

We're getting the former first, just a few days before Christmas.

So far, it looks quite good.


Henry Cavill has been saying all the right things to please the fans in recent interviews - he's read the books, loves the video games and commanded his agent to chase down the role of Geralt of Rivia for his own - and Netflix has already ordered a second season so we're staying optimistic on this one.

The final trailer arrived on Thursday, promising many a battle sequence and plenty of political intrigue.

We'll find out if The Witcher really can fill that Game of Thrones void on Friday 20 December.

Check out the latest look below.


Clip via Netflix