There's another X-Men horror film coming and the plot sounds fantastic 1 year ago

There's another X-Men horror film coming and the plot sounds fantastic

A whole new direction for the franchise. Definitely on board with this.

Despite the fact that Deadpool 2 will arrive in the cinema sooner than expected, there was some bad news for X-Men fans with the news that The New Mutants was pushed back to 2019. Granted, the return of 'The Merc With a Mouth' will soften the blow, but we were really looking forward to The New Mutants for one main reason, it was taking the X-Men franchise in a whole new direction, horror.

After Disney acquired Fox, we can expect to see a raft of new films featuring the world's most beloved mutants - Dark Phoenix is currently filming, James Franco will be playing Madrox, Season 2 of Legion is coming and it's strongly rumoured that the X-Force will make a cameo in Deadpool 2.

Aside from this, there are rumours that Gambit, the Alpha Flight, and the Exiles will get their own standalone films.

One project that's definitely going ahead is a film about Kitty Pryde and Tim Miller (Deadpool) is already attached to direct.  The project, codenamed 143, is reportedly a reference to Uncanny X-Men No. 143, which is one of the earliest stories that features Kitty Pryde.

What's incredibly interesting is that this story goes against the standard template that the X-Men films use - an ensemble cast of multiple characters. Instead, this looks set to focus on one of the earliest Pryde stories as she's stranded and left alone in the X-Mansion. There's bad news coming because she's forced to battle a demon with no other mutants to help her.

The comic-book is very much like Ridley's Scott's iconic horror Alien as it depicts a deadly cat and mouse chase that occurs over the Christmas holidays. The demon even looks like the Xenomorph that terrorised Ripley on board the Nostromo.

In the X-Men films, Kitty Pryde is played by Ellen Page and she has the ability to phase through objects. As for the next mutants that are coming to the big screen, Deadpool 2 is released on May 16th.