There's some very good news for anyone that wants a reunion of The Inbetweeners 3 years ago

There's some very good news for anyone that wants a reunion of The Inbetweeners

Ah fwends!

After seeing Simon, Will, Neil and Jay nearly die of sun stroke in the Australian outback, we wonder if they finally learned to accept Mr Gilbert's famous words of wisdom as they left school, "good luck with the rest of your lives – and try not to kill anyone. It reflects very badly on all of us here”.


Truth be told, we reckon that Simon is still driving the yellow Fiat Cinquecento, Jay finally completed Championship Manager and got the England job, Will is off living the pretentious life in Paris (with his briefcase of course)  and Neil, well, hopefully he somehow managed to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an airplane driver - not a pilot.

News that the show might be returning in a rebooted version featuring new cast members was met with some apprehension, but Joe Thomas (Simon) has hinted that the original Pussay Patrol might be getting back together to torment even more bus wankers and bumders.

Speaking about a potential reunion, Thomas said: ‘I think that we are ­definitely too old now to do anything that is set in a sixth form. If it’s the case that you want to do a show about some sixth formers then obviously we can’t be involved in that, with the best will in the world. But we could do the ­originals ten years down the line, married with kids,’ he added.

"I mean, we can do that now. I would jump at any chance to work with those guys again — in any context, really.

There you have it. We're fully on board with the idea that the next Inbetweeners adventure will not be documenting their college days, but rather focusing on the day to day issues that being married involves.

Who knows, maybe Neil actually got Saucy ASDA Karen pregnant and is now a father?

Christ, Neil as a dad. Could you imagine that?


As for the creators of The Inbetweeners, Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, they've got a new TV being released very soon, White Gold, which actually features Joe Thomas and James Buckley.