They'll be there for you… em, maybe 9 years ago

They'll be there for you… em, maybe

Rumours are rife that the most repeated sitcom of all time (OK, maybe it just seems like that), Friends is in line for either a reunion show or movie.

Now, this may have something to do with half of the cast not being able to catch a creative break (well, mostly poor Matthew Perry who can’t seem to get a series past the first season), but a reunion show has been mooted for some time.


Why? ‘Cause NBC, the station that broadcast the series, are “desperate” for it to make a return… apparently.

See, NBC were once the powerhouse of US network television ratings. Countless shows reigned supreme in the ratings, mostly because of its strong comedy line-up that was anchored by this incessantly popular sitcom for a decade or so.

The only holdout is APPARENTLY Jennifer Aniston. We went all capital-y there because that’s just according to reports. Aniston isn’t afraid to star in garbage romantic comedies for work, so she shouldn’t have an issue with a large cheque for coming back to the character that made her famous.

We just hope this doesn’t lead to a reunion of Two and a Half Men in ten years when the current incarnation eventually f**ks off.


Although a zombie Uncle Charlie would be fun – and Sheen would barely have to wear any make-up.