This is kind of a big deal: Anchorman's Steve Carell gives his Anchor-fan experience the thumbs up 8 years ago

This is kind of a big deal: Anchorman's Steve Carell gives his Anchor-fan experience the thumbs up

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You may have heard that there's a new Anchorman film out at the moment, and you may have heard that the stellar comedy cast of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues were in town recently for the film's Irish Premiere and to meet up with the staff and some very lucky readers.


Well, it seems that the entire event has now escalated very quickly as the brilliantly successful Anchor-Fan trail has now received the official Channel 4 News Team seal of approval, as one of the film's stars, Steve Carell AKA Brick Tamland, gave an absolutely excellent answer during an interview with Tim Lewis of The Guardian this week:

"Last week saw the London premiere of your new movie Anchorman 2. Was it a big night on the Ron Burgundy "Great Odin's Raven" whisky?"

And just check out the awesome actor's answer...

"Not for me. A few nights ago we did a meet and greet with fans in a pub in Dublin, an hour and a half before the premiere, and that was interesting because we were being plied with the freshest Guinness available. That turned out to be one of the more enjoyable promotions I've ever attended. But everywhere we've gone so far, there seems to be a party atmosphere. I read that people are going to get dressed up as the characters and go to midnight screenings – like a Rocky Horror Picture Show."


That's right JOE readers, you lovely people ensured that Hollywood star Steve Carell had "one of the more enjoyable promotions I've ever attended."

Super duper! That's nice! Way to go! Neato gang!

Now, we do realise that these words were uttered by the mouth of Brick Tamland, a man who does have an IQ of 48, but here at JOE HQ we'd like to think he was singing our praises during one of his more lucid moments, right?



A big thanks to Paramount, Burgundy and his boys and, in particular, to Mr Carell for his kind words. If he's ever involved in another mass Broadcasting Brawl, the News Team here at would be more than happy to join in and lend a trident or two...

To check out the event that Brick loved so much, just click here to enjoy the hilarious highlights.