WATCH: There was an absolutely brutal moment of heartbreak on Take Me Out 5 years ago

WATCH: There was an absolutely brutal moment of heartbreak on Take Me Out

Ouch. Even Paddy McGuinness felt it.

Ok, what's the most memorable moment of heartbreak on TV or in a film?


It's hard not to empathise with Ralph Wiggum after Lisa breaks his heart on national TV - the poor lad, all he wanted to do was proclaim his undying love for her. How about that agonising chat between Ross and Rachel in Friends. You know...the one that happens after the truth about the 'Xerox girl' comes to the fore.

This being said, there have been some instances where it's impossible not to laugh at someone's misery. For example, the famous 'nude rejection' scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is pretty funny and this inspirational speech from The Wedding Singer might make you look on the bright side of life.

Truth be told,  these are some wise words.


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This being said, it's going to take a fair amount of consoling to help this poor contestant that recently appeared on Take Me Out.

Magician Phil charmed everyone with his magic on the dating show and as is the norm, the women had to turn off their light if they're not interested.

Phil pulled a rabbit out of the hat by managing to secure a date with Bella. All things considered, things were going well until she revealed a rather heartbreaking truth,


It turns out that Bella had no intention of going out on a date with Phil - she simply forgot to turn her light off.

Poor Phil, the public is with you.



As is the norm, the eternal mantra for the heartbroken was said.

It's hard not to feel for the guy.