Netflix's answer to Game of Thrones has a very strong Irish connection 3 months ago

Netflix's answer to Game of Thrones has a very strong Irish connection

If anything, this new show from the producers of the epic HBO series could be even bigger...

Ever since the final series of Game of Thrones came to an end in 2019, all eyes have been on show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to see what they would do next.


They had initially lined up a show on HBO titled Confederate, which would have been set in an alternate present where the American Civil War ended in a stalemate, resulting in the country effectively being split into two, with one of the nations keeping slavery legal.

The announcement of the show was met with animosity and anger on social media, and was eventually cancelled from HBO's production schedule.

Then they had announced that Disney had offered the duo the opportunity to write and produce a new series of Star Wars films, but that was also cancelled when they signed a $200 million exclusivity deal with Netflix.

The first project they'll be tackling for the streaming giant is The Three-Body Problem, a science fiction trilogy by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin.


It is a huge intergalactic story which begins with the people of Earth preparing for an invasion from a species from our closest star system, as the population of an Earth-like planet in that system are attempting to flee from their dying home world.

Benioff and Weiss are co-producing the adaptation along with some serious heavy hitters – such as Brad Pitt, Rian Johnson and Rosamund Pike – while the talent in front of the camera features some Game of Thrones alumni, including one brilliant Irish performer – Eiza González (Baby Driver), Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange), John Bradley and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones).

Ahead of the release of González's new movie Ambulance, we chatted to actress about her role in the Michael Bay action-thriller.

Check out our interview in full right here:


During the interview, we had to mention the fact that González is working with Irish acting legend Liam Cunningham in the huge new Netflix show.

González told us:

"I love Liam! I adore him, he has the best humour. He's such an Irish chap!


"And I love that about him, he loves a good beer, he loves a good drink. He's fun, he's funny, he's out of his mind! And I love that about him.

"We're so lucky with the cast we got [for The Three-Body Problem]. They are heroes of mine, too, and working with Benioff and Weiss is just so surreal to me. The fact that for the last 10 years I religiously watched Game 0f Thrones, so it has been a journey.

"And we get to work with a lot of the cast-mates from [Game of Thrones].

'I've gotten the chance to work with a lot of the people from Game of Thrones, including Peter Dinklage... like everyone that I have worked with has exceeded my expectations, and Liam is obviously up there. He is the best, and he's so good in this show."

The Three Body-Problem began production in November 2021 and is expected to wrap filming in August 2022, so it will likely arrive on Netflix early in 2023.


In the meantime, Ambulance is in Irish cinemas right now, and you can check out our interview with González's co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II right here: