A thrilling new kidnap drama kicks off on RTÉ2 tonight 3 years ago

A thrilling new kidnap drama kicks off on RTÉ2 tonight

Get ready for your new TV addiction.

For whatever reason, certain parts of Europe - especially up around Scandinavian way - are having a real moment right now with their crime dramas.


Think of the likes of The Bridge, or The Returned, or The Killing. For whatever reason, the chilly climes just seem to be natural breeding grounds for addictive thrillers, and it looks like Below The Surface will be the latest addition to that list of fantastic shows.

Here is the official synopsis:

On a rainy October morning, fifteen Danes have their lives turned upside down when the metro train they are travelling on is hijacked by unknown perpetrators, who will threaten to kill each of them, one by one, if their demands aren't met. This is the beginning of a historic hostage situation that, over the course of one single week, changes Denmark forever.

The official Denmark finds itself caught in a whirlwind. The politicians argue whether or not to negotiate with terrorists. In the press, there are discussions on where the line is drawn in portraying the captives and seeking out their families.

Ordinary Danes are thinking that it could just as well have been them. Among the hostages, the thoughts vary between rebellion, negotiation and apathy, but one thought is shared by all: "Am I going to die now?"

Clip via Kasper Barfoed


The first of the show's eight episodes will air on RTÉ2 tonight at 9.30pm, so you will have to choose between it and both The Late Late Show and The Graham Norton Show, so you'd best be setting your DVR to record at least one of them so you can catch up with them again afterwards.