Top Gun Maverick is currently the 2nd best reviewed movie of Tom Cruise's career 1 year ago

Top Gun Maverick is currently the 2nd best reviewed movie of Tom Cruise's career

Can you guess what the best reviewed Tom Cruise of all time is?

Originally due for release in July 2019, before being pushed back to add more action sequences, and then delayed even further due to the pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick is finally almost here.


The movie is directed by Joseph Kosinski (who Cruise previously worked with on the vastly underrated Oblivion), with a script co-written by Christopher McQuarrie (who has written and directed the last three Mission: Impossible movies), it feels like a well-earned legacy sequel for the much-loved original, and it might even be... (whispers)... better than that first movie.

As we said in our full review, the film has "one of the best action scenes of the last few years" and also includes "what feels Cruise's most emotional performance in a decade".

And, as it turns out, JOE weren't the only ones to absolutely love Cruise's new movie...


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According the review aggregate site Metacritic, at the time of writing, Top Gun: Maverick has the second-best review score out of any movie Cruise has acted in.

Here are the ten best reviewed movies of Tom Cruise's career to date:

10. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - 73%


9. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - 75%

8. Born of the Fourth of July - 75%

7. Risky Business - 75%

6. The Color Of Money - 77%


5. Magnolia - 77%

4. Jerry Maguire - 77%

3. Minority Report - 80%

2. Top Gun: Maverick - 81%

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout - 86%


And in case you're wondering, his worst reviewed movie is 1988's Cocktail, with a score of just 12%!

Top Gun: Maverick arrives in Irish cinemas on Wednesday, 25 May.