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21st Dec 2022

Top Gun Maverick finally has an Irish streaming date

Rory Cashin

Top Gun Maverick

This is when you can watch one of the best movies of the year at home.

Absolutely nobody expected this, but here we are, several months on, still in awe, because when Top Gun Maverick was first announced in 2010, filming began in 2018, was due for initial cinematic release in 2019… then was pushed back… and back… and back…

Eventually arriving 36 years after the first movie, expectations for the sequel were pretty low. And then the movie finally hit cinemas.

$1.485 billion at the global box office, the biggest hit of Cruise’s career, and still the biggest box office hit of 2022 (so far! All eyes on Avatar: The Way Of Water now).

96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it can probably expect a lot of the technical Oscar nominations in the next few months… and considering its massive popularity, it could “do an Inception” and also land a Best Picture nomination.

It also landed on JOE’s list of the most important movies of 2022, the highest honour imaginable!

But we’re now a full seven months on from Maverick’s cinematic release, so when would the movie finally be arriving on a streaming service so we can watch it over and over again as much as we like?

Today, Paramount has confirmed that Top Gun Maverick will debut on their streaming service Paramount+ in Ireland and the UK on Thursday, 22 December.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Before then, you can check out JOE’s interviews with the stars of the movie, including Jon Hamm and Miles Teller, right here: