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Vince Gilligan is a genius.

How else do you tease the third series of one of the best TV spin-offs of all time than bring back a major character from the original?

Oh, and you make absolutely no mention of the show you're trying to promote either.

That's Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul for you.

If you had never seen Breaking Bad you would not have the faintest clue about the relevance of a 30-second TV ad for a chicken restaurant called Los Pollos Hermanos, but if - like us - you've watched it all then you'll greet the return of Gus FringĀ with much joy, and trepidation.

Of course, we expected this.

"As we know from Breaking Bad, Gus Fring is a man of great resources and is very much a long-term planner, and he has some very skilled and cold-blooded folks working for him. It could have been through Gus Fring's agency, but not him personally," Gilligan said last year.

"And furthermore, just because Fring's back - technically speaking, if not literally - it doesn't mean that folks should assume that they'll see him at the beginning of season three.


"This is a character who is very circumspect. Very cautious. He does not reveal himself easily.

"He makes people work to get to him, as we saw him make Walter White work very hard and jump through a great many hoops to get to face-to-face with him in Breaking Bad."

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