#TRAILERCHEST : Documentary about one of the first female leaders of the IRA looks exceptional 2 years ago

#TRAILERCHEST : Documentary about one of the first female leaders of the IRA looks exceptional

This looks like it's absolutely essential.

In the last few years, Irish cinema has seen a litany of wonderful feature-length films but there has also been some absolutely brilliant work on the documentary and factual front.


Bobby Sands: 66 Days, The Farthest, Atlantic, His and Hers, The Irish Pub, Older than Ireland and Making the Grade are just some of the exceptional 'relatively recent' titles that have been released.

On this note, we've a feeling that I,Dolours is about to join this very esteemed list.

Plot's it all about?: I,Dolours is a cinematic yet intimate and complex portrait of Dolours Price, militant IRA activist, hunger striker and dissident Republican who two years before she died gave a filmed interview on condition that it would not be broadcast in her lifetime.

Now for the first time her story can be told in full and entirely in her own words. This shocking film brings us deep inside the IRA and charts one woman’s journey from passionate idealist into disillusioned cynic, haunted by the memories of the terrible things she did for a cause she once so strongly believed in, she killed for it but, for which she believes was ultimately betrayed.

Dolours Price resists easy stereotyping – she was a ruthless revolutionary/terrorist who didn’t shirk any task, however brutal. She demanded her equal place among the male-dominated members of the IRA and was pitiless in her scorn for those who didn’t share her total commitment. She was also a beautiful, charismatic woman, loving mother, devoted sister and friend. She was passionate but fragile, dogmatic, yet tortured. Fascinating, moving and at times deeply disturbing - this is her story.

Director: Maurice Sweeney

Release date: August 31.



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