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21st Jan 2023

One of the funnest movies of the ’90s is getting a TV reboot

Stephen Porzio

True Lies

Apparently, it will function as a sequel to the classic action comedy.

A new trailer has hit the web for True Lies, a TV reboot of the popular ’90s action comedy blockbuster that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The 1994 movie – itself a remake of the French film La Totale – centred around the character of Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger), a man who struggles to lead a double life.

To his wife, Helen (Curtis), he is just a boring computer salesman often away on business trips. However, in reality, he is a secret agent for Omega Sector, a top-secret US counterterrorism agency.

Directed by James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic), the movie earned solid reviews upon release and became the third-highest grossing film of 1994.

Though there was once much discussion regarding a potential cinema sequel to True Lies, it never came to fruition and instead, we’re getting a TV reboot courtesy of CBS and Paramount+.

It will see Steve Howey (Day Shift) and Ginger Gonzaga (She-Hulk) step into the roles of Harry and Helen.

And, based on the latest trailer for the reboot, it appears that Helen learns of Harry’s double life early into the show and winds up accompanying him on missions, meaning the series could end up functioning as somewhat of a sequel to the Cameron movie.

Created by Matt Nix (Burn Notice) and directed by Anthony Hemmingway (American Crime Story), the show does not have an Irish release date yet but will premiere in the States on 1 March.

You can check out its trailer below.

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, Netflix gave viewers their first looks at some of the huge new movies arriving on the streaming service in 2023. You can read about these right here.

To check out some of the other big trailers released in the past seven days in the world of film and TV, see below.


Starting off with movies, Liam Neeson is legendary private eye Philip Marlowe in this new take on the iconic character from director Neil Jordan (Michael Collins, The Crying Game).

It’s out in the US on 15 February but does not have an Irish release date as of yet.

Clip via Open Road Films

Polite Society

The British action comedy follows a martial artist-in-training (Priya Kansara) who believes she must save her older sister from her impending marriage.

It will land in Irish cinemas on 28 April.

Clip via Focus Features

Scream VI

A new Ghostface killer terrorises New York in this latest entry in the legendary slasher franchise which arrives in Irish cinemas on 10 March.

Clip via Paramount Pictures UK

Dear Edward

Moving onto TV, this Apple TV+ series revolves around a young boy who is the lone survivor of a plane crash and premieres on 3 February.

Clip via Apple TV

Hello, Tomorrow!

Sticking with Apple TV+, Billy Crudup (The Morning Show) stars as a salesman in a retro-futuristic world in this sci-fi dramedy premiering on the streamer on 17 February.

Clip via Apple TV

Invincible Season 2

Amazon Prime Video’s acclaimed animated superhero series returns for its sophomore season in late 2023.

Clip via Prime Video

The Mandalorian Season 3

Another returning show, Baby Yoda and Mando will return for more Star Wars adventures on Disney+ on 1 March.

Clip via Disney Plus UK & Ireland


In this comedy series created by some of the team behind Ted Lasso, a therapist dealing with severe grief begins to breach ethical barriers by telling his patients what he completely thinks – resulting in massive changes to his and their lives.

Co-creator Jason Segel stars in the series alongside Harrison Ford, with the show premiering on Apple TV+ on 27 January.

Clip via Apple TV

The Big Door Prize

Last but not least, Chris O’Dowd will star in this sci-fi comedy for Apple TV+ about a machine that is able to predict the destinies of those who observe it.

It will premiere on the service in spring 2023.

Clip via Apple TV

Main image via Twitter/TrueLiesCBS