Turns out Jennifer Aniston was nearly written out of Friends in its first season 3 years ago

Turns out Jennifer Aniston was nearly written out of Friends in its first season

But who would have gotten off the plane?

When you think about iconic Friends characters, a few usual suspects come to mind.


One of them is Ross. Another is Chandler. Some others are Monica, Phoebe, and Joey.

Rachel is also among that list, but she may not always have been, because it turns out that Jennifer Aniston was almost written out of the show.

Shocked? Appalled? Convinced that life will never be same again? You should be.

According to author Saul Austerlitz, Aniston's character was almost cut from the show during its first season due to potential scheduling conflicts.


Entertainment Weekly reports that in Austerlitz's new book, Generation Friends, he reveals that Rachel was almost dropped after Aniston had shot a series of episodes for another rival show.

Upcoming comedy, Muddling Through, was set to air on CBS starring Aniston, so in order to ensure that the series didn't go ahead, NBC decided to air a load of Danielle Steel adaptions at the same time.

This, naturally, brought down the new sitcom's ratings, meaning that they got to keep Aniston on Friends



This comes after a company announced that they were willing to pay people $1,000 to sit around and watch Friends all day.

In honour of the show turning 25 this year, sales company Frontier Bundles said they would pay someone good money to watch 25 hours of the show.

That's roughly 60 episodes of Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Rachel and Chandler.


friends reunion

They're promising the viewer $1,000 (around €903) in return for their time and dedication, as well as a 'Friends Fundom pack' including a Friends t-shirt, Central Perk mug, popcorn, treats, and a 12-month Netflix subscription.

"This job is for any self-proclaimed die-hard Friends superfan looking to prove their salt," said Frontier Bundles.

"We’re in search of the ones who know the quotes (“PIVOT!!”), the hilarious scenarios (the beef in the trifle; the Holiday Armadillo), and all the little details (exactly how many sisters does Joey have? What is Chandler’s job?) that make the show the tried and true classic it is.

All you'd have to do is sit back, watch the show and live tweet your experience; basically how a lazy weekend day would go anyway.


Check out all the details here.