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26th Mar 2019

WATCH: The new trailer for The Twilight Zone will give you another reason to have a fear of flying

Rory Cashin

twilight zone

From the minds behind Get Out and Us!

The first proper trailer for the new show dropped a few weeks back and definitely gave Black Mirror fans something to get excited about!

Especially considering it is executive produced by Jordan Peele, who literally couldn’t be any hotter right now after the insanely spectacular success of his new horror movie Us.

However, the new trailers reveal a bit more about the individual episodes, with an insight given to two in particular so far.

Here is the first trailer, for the episode titled Nightmare At 30,000 Feet:

Fans of the original version of the show might remember an episode titled Nightmare At 20,000 Feet, which featured William Shatner convinced that a beast on the wing of the plane was going to result in the death of everyone on board.

This new take on that episode takes things ten thousand feet higher, but it isn’t entirely clear what the new threat is that Adam Scott (Big Little Lies, Parks & Rec) is seeing this time around. However, what we DO know is that the episode is written by Peele himself, as well as Simon Kinberg (Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes), so we’re sure the twist will be fantastic.

The second episode trailer is for The Comedian:

This appears to be a modern twist on your usual “Make A Deal With The Devil” story, with Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick, Silicon Valley) as a struggling comedian, who crosses paths with a very shady guy (Tracy Morgan – 30 Rock), who tells him he can make him rich and famous.

But at what cost? Well, first it appears to cost him his pets, but who knows about after that…

The series is set to launch in the States on Monday 1 April, with no date confirmed on which channel or streaming service will be showing it over here yet, but once we know, you’ll know!

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