WATCH: The teaser trailer for The Twilight Zone is trying to freak you out 3 years ago

WATCH: The teaser trailer for The Twilight Zone is trying to freak you out

It looks like Black Mirror with a HUGE budget.

Jordan Peele is so hot right now.


Off the back of existential and cultural thriller Get Out, as well as the upcoming home invasion horror Us (which also dropped a brand new trailer here), he's also set to be executive producer and narrator of the updated version of classic horror show The Twilight Zone.

Initially aired WAY back in 1959, the new version is set to arrive on CBS All Access this April (not fully sure what that will mean for viewers outside of the States just yet) and the confirmed cast-list so far is insane: John Cho, Allison Tolman, Kumail Nanjiani, Adam Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Steven Yeun, Greg Kinnear, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Williams, and DeWanda Wise and loads more.

Not that you'll see any of them here, as it is just Peele setting up the mood of what to expect from the show.

It also isn't clear yet if Peele himself had a hand in any of the scripts or directing duties, as the only behind-the-camera talent so far announced are Alex Reubens (Rick & Morty), Gerard McMurray (The First Purge), and Greg Yaitanes (Manhunt: Unabomber).


Expect more to be announced closer to the release date, but until then, enjoy this very creepy, but obviously quite expensive, teaser trailer:

Clip via TV Guide

No matter what else, the new version of The Twilight Zone will still be fighting to come out from under the shadow of Futurama's version of the show.


Prepare to enter... The Scary Door...

Clip via Medula