Two great new airplane-set thrillers to enjoy at home this weekend 2 months ago

Two great new airplane-set thrillers to enjoy at home this weekend

If you're looking for an exciting, entertaining thriller to watch this weekend, we've got two right here.

Typical, isn't it?


You wait for one incredibly tense thriller set on board a plane, and then two arrive together.

We're going to say this right now... the best way to enjoy both of these movies is to not as little as possible, going into each of these blind to the plot circumstances is absolutely the best way to enjoy, so giving the trailers a miss is also kinda recommended.

However, we understand that you'll probably like to know at least some information about what the movies are actually about, so we'll try to keep it as vague and un-spoiler'y as possible!


Allison Williams (Get Out) and Alexander Dreymon (The Last Kingdom) are recent exes who both hop on the same small plane to take them to a friend's wedding on a remote island near Mauritius. However, when the pilot suddenly drops dead from a heart attack, they're left without a way to fly or land safely. Oh, and there is a huge tropical storm on the horizon, directly between them and their destination...

Horizon Line is available to watch on Prime Video right now.


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Okay, so... think of Die Hard, except it is set on a plane. Now think of John McClane, except he is a vampire. That is pretty much the set-up of Blood Red Sky, with a woman attempting to cure her vampirism, travelling from Germany to New York, only for her flight to be hijacked by terrorists. A great marriage of action and horror, with a strong emotional undercurrent also giving it a Let The Right One In vibe, this one ticks a lot of genre boxes.

Blood Red Sky is available to watch on Netflix right now.


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