Father Ted at 25: The Ultimate Father Ted quiz 1 year ago

Father Ted at 25: The Ultimate Father Ted quiz

Happy birthday Father Ted.

April the 21st. Any idea why April the 21st should be so important?


No, it’s not the day the ice age ended, Marathon became Snickers or Galway was liberated from the Indians, it’s even more important than that.

On this day in 1995, the first ever episode of Father Ted, Good Luck Father Ted, was broadcast on Channel 4, beginning a three-year run of one of the greatest sitcoms of all time and sparking a love affair amongst audiences in Ireland and beyond that hasn’t dimmed since.

To mark the momentous date, we’ve put together the ultimate quiz that will test the knowledge of even the most die-hard Ted fans, a quiz that will find out who really knows their Henry Sellerses from their Romeo Sensinis.

Appropriately enough considering the milestone being celebrated here, including the Christmas special, there are 25 episodes of Father Ted in total and the quiz below features one question from every single episode, so we hope you’ve been paying attention.

Without further ado...

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