This university in the States is using The Wire as the basis for one of its courses 3 years ago

This university in the States is using The Wire as the basis for one of its courses

A man must have a code.

Given the fact that The Wire is one of - if not THE - greatest show of all time, we're still benefiting from some of the lessons that Baltimore's finest gave us.


For example, it's never a good idea to set off the smoke alarm while having a one night stand, never underestimate a man that's wearing a dickie bow (Brother Mouzone has "more bodies to him than a Chinese cemetery") and the golden rule about a certain Protestant whiskey (look it up).

Clip via - Jonathan Mulle

If you're still looking for a life that's on the right side of five-o, the University of Pittsburgh Law School has just the thing for you.

They've launched a new class called 'Crime, Law and Society in The Wire' and it aims to use the superb show in a bid to educate and inform students about topical issues like drug enforcement, gun violence and law enforcement.

Here's hoping that they don't resort to the laissez-faire policy that existed in Hamsterdam.

In what could be the greatest work assignment in the history of college, students are required to "view the first season of The Wire and at least one other season for the class; episodes from other seasons may also be assigned."


For those that aren't familiar with the adventurous of McNulty, Bunk, Stringer Bell and co, they're advised that "The Wire contains a considerable amount of violence, as well as adult content and language; some may find some or all of this offensive. Also, understand that the course does require each student to invest a significant amount of time outside of class watching the series. If these issues will present a problem, do not take this class."

To quote Omar... indeed!