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13th Dec 2013

Video: Aussie newsreader suffers embarrassing rejection live on air

Well that’s just a little awkward…

Conor Heneghan

Well that’s just a little awkward…

On-air ‘banter’ between various presenters on news programmes is fairly forced and awkward looking as it is without the need for anyone involved to suffer further embarrassment at the hands of their colleagues.

With that in mind, you’d almost feel for jocular Aussie newsreader Tony Jones after he thought he’d engage in a friendly back and forth with an attractive weather lady on Channel Nine in Australia recently, only to be put back in his place pretty quickly.

Come to think of it, it’s nearly as embarrassing as the ‘interview’ Tony’s fellow Aussie newsreader Karl Stefanovic conducted with the aptly-named Grumpy Cat earlier this year. Actually, on second thought, nothing could be as embarrassing as that.

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