Video: Check out this brilliant (and terrifying) supercut of film & TV plane disasters 10 years ago

Video: Check out this brilliant (and terrifying) supercut of film & TV plane disasters

Fasten your seatbelts please, it's about to get a little bumpy...

Planes are undoubtedly one of the human race’s greatest achievements; an incredible scientific feat enabling man to travel to within touching distance of heaven, an accomplishment our ancestors could only have dreamed of.



Thankfully for us, YouTuber Screen Junkies has decided to remind us of the fact by creating an excellently edited supercut of amazing plane disasters from famous films and television shows.

It’s a brilliant clip that perfectly balances the spectacular (Flight, Fight Club) with the action-packed (Die Hard 2, Air Force One) and the snake-filled (Snakes On A Plane, duh).


Not only that though, the footage actually plays out in correct disaster chronological order and even contains brilliant comedy interjections from Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Wayne’s World and, of course, Airplane – just so that we all remember to see the hilarious side of horrific plane crashes too.

Check it out below – here at JOE we just hope that none of these are on the in-flight movie list next time we’re (reluctantly) catching a flight...

Full list of films included in clip:


World War Z, Fight Club, Hook, Final Destination, LOST, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, Flight, The Grey, Almost Famous, Final Destination 5, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, Donnie Darko, Snakes on a Plane, Air Force One, Turbulence, Iron Man 3, Passenger 57, Home Alone, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Breaking Bad, Superman Returns, Executive Decision, Cast Away, Wayne's World, Airplane!, Die Hard 2, Con Air, Knowing, Alive.