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04th Feb 2014

Video: Check out this brilliant supercut of all the visual effects Oscars winners so far

And the Oscar has gone to...all of these films


And the Oscar has gone to…all of these films

From Indiana Jones to E.T., there have been plenty of movies that have been awarded the Oscar for best visual effects since the award was introduced in 1977.

With the ceremony just around the corner, film maker Nelson Carvajal decided to splice together a supercut of clips from all the previous winners of the award right back to that initial prize was given to Star Wars over thirty years ago.

A few of our favourite movies of all time are in there, including the old school Superman, all the original Star Wars movies and Jurassic Park, so while there are plenty of movies that do rely too heavily on special effects, when used properly they really make a movie look spectacular.

Hat-tip to Mashable for the video.

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