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02nd Apr 2014

Video: Ever wondered why the lightsabers from Star Wars hum? Here’s your answer

Even if you're not a big Star Wars nerd like JOE, you'll still enjoy this mini-feature on the lightsabre


Even if you’re not a big Star Wars nerd like JOE, you’ll still enjoy this mini-feature on the lightsaber

So far all we know from the world of the new Star Wars movies is a whole heap of speculation, and the solid fact that we know that JJ Abrams will be directing.

Anyway, to keep us entertained in the meantime and away from internet chat rooms where we try to guess who will be cast as what character, the folks behind the Star Wars YouTube account have whet the appetite with this frankly fantastic feature about the lightsabre that delves into the history of the space sword, has plenty of old-school behind the scenes shots and also features the answer as to where that humming/buzzing noise that they make comes from.

We won’t ruin it for you, so don’t expect an answer to that here, but it’s the perfect type of pub ice-breaker on a Friday night after work…if your mates also love Star Wars a lot, of course. The video is a good 15-minutes long, so maybe take your time over it this evening when you’ve got a few moments to spare.

Hat-tip Esquire for the video

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